Hotels in Ahmedabad – Home Away From Home

Hotels in Ahmedabad – Home Away From Home

Ahmedabad is a megacity that’s fast rising in the state of Gujarat, and it’s one of the must-have see locales in the country. This megacity has innumerous options when it comes to accommodation, and there are numerous five star hospices, four star hospices, heritage hospices, three star hospices and budget hospices that you can conclude from.

Ahmedabad has two notorious heritage hospices with minimum apartments that numerous people conclude for, and apartments in these hospices need to be reserved in advance. Heritage hospices in Ahmedabad are most preferred due to their excellent air and their uncomely appeal.

hostel Siddhartha Palace is a popular heritage hostel that’s located in Ahmedabad, and this hostel is firstly a palace that was erected a long time agone

by the Divan of Kutch. The hostel has around 22 apartments in all, and these apartments are all veritably commodious and well maintained. The palace is an exquisitely furnished one, and the hostel is sure to enthrall armature suckers and they are bound to phenomenon at its amazing construction.

The hostel

staff provides numerous services like pick- up and drop services from the field, auto reimbursement services, secretarial services and laundry services.

Room service is also handed at ideal intervals, and STD and ISD installations will be available from every room through a direct phone connection. You can enjoy satellite TV and broadband internet from your room in Hotel Siddhartha Palace.

hostel Siddhartha Palace has numerous relics and framed pictures, and these add to its dateless appeal. The cabinetwork is also sculpted, and you will be treated like kingliness during your stay then.

Hotel Siddhartha Palace has a multi cookery eatery in its demesne, and Indian, international and Chinese dishes are served in this eatery. You can enjoy a good regale with your family then, and breakfast, lunch and regale are all handed in this eatery.

The House

of Mangaldas Girdhardas is another popular heritage hostel in Ahmedabad under the broad diapason of Ahmedabad hospices. You can witness the luxuries of a defunct generation in this hostel, and can witness impeccable hospitality.

There are twelve guest apartments in all, and all apartments are veritably elegantly decorated. The hostel has all ultramodern amenities as well, and you can dine in any one of its three caffs

– Agashiye, The Lotus Pool or The Green House. The hostel serves authentic Gujarati cookery and other transnational cookeries as well. All apartments will be equipped with coffee makers, TV sets and refrigerators.

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